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Mercury Enterprises Ltd. - Is an organization in eRepublik. We are located in eCanada, and are largely invested in the Raw Materials industry with companies in Grain, Wood, and Iron. We also have companies in Housing, and Gifts.

To see a list of current companies, go to the following link:
Companies in Mercury

To see other information about our company, such as history, future plans etc. Go to the sub pages under Mercury Enterprises Ltd.


Quantum Investments Inc. - Is an investment, loaning, and venture capital organization in eRepublik. It is located in the United Kingdon. It is a branch of the Mercury Group. Go to the Quantum Investment's Inc. Page on the left to see more info.

We give loans to citizens, and companies for start up costs, or to expand their current businesses. It has given many loans, and quickly gained a high reputation with it's customers. We have developed a solid customer base with many returning for their needs. We have also grown to offer other services such as contract building, and website building to anyone who requests it. Check out Our Services to see more information about these services.

Thank you for visiting our site, and have a great day.
- Emilio Sanchez - Founder, and CEO of the Mercury Group.