History and the Founder

Mercury Enterprises and Quantum Investments - Are organization's in the game eRepublik. They are owned and operated by Emilio Sanchez. A prominent citizen living in Canada. He joined eRepublik back in August 2008 and has many accomplishments. He got involved in politics very early on, becoming Mayor of Halifax, Nova Scotia in September, and elected to congress soon after. He is the longest serving Minister in eCanadian history (serving over 8 months as Minister of Health and Social Services.)  He has many other accomplishments under his belt as well.

Business Life - Emilio Sanchez wanted to get involved in the business side of things. So he saved up his money and gold (As well, recieved a large gold loan from another weathy Canadian individual,) and when V1 was launched he started 'Canadian Enterprises Ltd.' As well as a grain company, Suncor Grain (Suncor became the first grain company in Canada.) A month or so passed and he decided to change the name of the organization to 'Mercury Enterprises Ltd.' Emilio settled on Mercury because Mercury is the god of business and success. So he thought it was a perfect name. Soon after the change of names, he had enough gold and started Fairfax Wood Products.

Times were tough since everyone was rushing to launch raw materials companies. The market was soon saturated with raw materials companies. Emilio sold his grain on the Canadian market for the cheapest price (Since only the lowest priced grain sold, and anything else would not sell for up to a week.)  It did not take long for every unit of grain to be sold. The only problem was that grain was not selling very well, and he had to keep paying employees even though no money was being made. The same is true for Fairfax Wood Products. So Emilio decided to close the two companies down in December, and wait until he saves up enough gold and money to start them up again, and when the market picks up.

 It was in January 2009, that Emilio decided to start Quantum Investments Inc. He wanted to get into the loaning business for awhile (He was already giving loans through his persnol account.) One day he was looking through the contract section on the forums when he noticed demand had went up. So he thought it was a perfect time to start his loaning company. Today, it is his best investment yet, since demand for loans is rising all the time. Our loans have helped many companies and citizens in the eWorld.

- To see a contract sample or to ask about a loan, go to the Quantum Investments section of these forums.
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