Latest News About the Companies

Notice - Due to V2 being released and some company type's being obsolete. A couple of our companies have been changed over to different types. For example: Eclipse Gifts is now an Air Unit company that produces helicopters. We will be doing name changes to reflect the new companies. There are also no more quality levels for companies. So many things will be updated over the course of the next few weeks to reflect the changes of V2.

- Our first housing company was sold to a great charity, so a new housing company (Prestige Housing) was created on Dec 8th, 2009.

- Our site is going through a round of updates to keep up with the times. More updates will be happening over the next week or so.

- Quantum Investments will not be loaning out gold in the near future, or until admins create a system of enforcing contracts. We deal with large amounts of gold, and thus, cannot take the high risks of defaults on contracts, and not being able to recoup that lost gold.


Thank you.