History of Mercury Enterprises

Mercury Enterprises Ltd. - Is an organization in eRepublik, located in Canada. It was started on November 2008 after V1 was released, and was originally named Canadian Enterprises Ltd. It was founded to take advantage of the newly introduced raw materials markets, and started eCanada's first grain company (Suncor Grain.) It was a month later that the organization was re-named Mercury Enterprises Ltd. It was soon after, that Fairfax Wood Products was founded.

   Since it's founding, it has invested mostly in the raw material markets with Grain, Wood, and Iron companies. It has also invested in Gifts, and Housing. It will be expanding into other markets in the near future. All companies are currently not in production, and have been closed since December 2008. This was due to falling sales, and paying employees while running on very low profits. Plans are being made to re-open all companies and upgrade their quality level as well as start other companies in the Diamonds, Weapons, and Food markets. (Future plans.)

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