History of Quantum Investments

   Quantum Investments Inc. (Located in London, England.) Was started in early January after Emilio Sanchez wanted to get in on the loaning/ banking market. Emilio was  already loaning gold and money to citizens and companies from around the eWorld using his personal account. It is a risky business to be in, due to the fact you are giving out large sums of gold to citizens and businesses that you don't know.

   One day while viewing the eRepublik forums, he noticed that a lot of citizens were asking for loans. So it was then that he decided to start an organization dedicated to investments, and loaning. It was Emilio's best decision yet, as requests for gold are endless, and the interest earned on loans is a good source of income. Quantum  Investments quickly earned trust, and a good reputation due to how quickly, and easily Quantum was to deal with. The only problem was more citizens, and businesses were asking for loans, and Quantim did not have enough gold to loan to everyone that asked. 

   Growth was great, and Quantum soon had over 150 gold to loan out (considering it only started out with 20 gold.) But soon another problem came up. Admin were not enforcing contracts and 20 gold was lost due to a citizen defaulting on their contracts. Admins decided not to return this gold, and since then Quantum has been closed.

   Recently, Quantum started writing up contracts for citizens or business that want a good, quality contract, but do not want to take the time needed to make one up. Another service Quantum offers is website building for corporations that want their own website but do not want to take the time to necessary to build one.

Check out Our Services page to learn more about these offers.