Quantum Investments Inc.

Notice: For the time being, we will not be giving out loans. More can be read on the news page.

Quantum Investments Inc. (Located in London, England.) Is an investment and loaning company owned and operated by Emilio Sanchez. For more information, check out the sub forums under Quantum Investments.


How To Get A Loan, & Whats Involved

Information on loans:

Who can apply for a loan:

1) Any citizen wanting to start a business/ organization

2) Any General Manager wanting to start a new business

3) Any businessman wanting capital to pay employees, buy an export license, or buy stock of raw materials etc.

Interest Rates:

We do not deal with percentage interest rates, as it is not a reliable way of charging interest. The borrower may get a loan from someone at an interest rate of 20%, and unless they do the math themselves, they don't know what the price would equal. For example: Someone gives you a loan of 20 gold with an 18% interest rate per month based on the full amount. The company could say what it would be, but unless you do the math yourself, they could be charging you more. We just deal with whole numbers, so it's not complicated. You always know what you need to pay, and don't need to whip out your calculator to figure percents.

Loans of 5 - 9 Gold = 2 Gold interest

Loans of 10 - 19 Gold = 4 Gold interest

Loans of 20 - 29 Gold = 6 Gold interest

Loans of 30 Gold or more = Depends on your loan amount. (Can be negotiated.)


Here is a Loan Request Contract:

You can just copy this contract, fill it out, and PM it to Quantum Investments. When everything is finalized, Quantum will post it into the contracts section of the eRepublik forums.


                                                                                             *** Loan Request ***
Date the loan starts: (Use the in game date)
Date the loan ends: (Use the in game date)

Borrower: _______________________

Lender: Quantum Investments Inc. (President is Emilio Sanchez)

The 'Borrower' requests a loan of ____ Gold from Quantum Investments Inc. To be used for ____________________ and the name of my company/ organization is ________________________.

I understand that there is a ____ Gold interest charge attached to this loan, and I agree to pay back the loan plus interest which is ____ Gold, on the due date of this loan __________.

I understand that if the loan balance is not payed back by the above due date. Then a 2 gold interest rate will apply for each week that my loan deadline is passed. If my loan balance is still not payed after 3 weeks have passed since the deadline, then I give the Admin permission to take any money in my account that makes up the balance owed and if there is not enough funds; Then I give ownership of my company _________________ to Quantum Investments Inc.

I, the borrower, also accept the 'Admin fee' of 5 gold, should the Admin need to get involved.

Broken Contract

If Quantum Investments fails to deliver the loan within 2 days of this contract being posted, then the deal is void.

If the citizen requesting the loan does not use the money for the reasons stated above, they die, or get banned. Then they must immediately repay the full loan amount (No interest will be charged) Or if the loan cannot be paid back, then the company which they started must be handed over to Quantum Investments Inc.

If the borrower requests more gold, but Quantum Investments Inc. Cannot loan the full the amount. The borrower can borrow from another organization/ citizen. But if the Borrower cannot acquire the total gold needed, then the loan given to them by Quantum Investments, must be returned.

If any part of this contract is changed, then the new agreements must be signed again within 1 day of change. If no signatures are shown, then the contract is cancelled and all gold shall be returned to it's previous owners.

Citizens/ Organizations involved must put "I agree to the Contract terms" below.


For more information on loans, go here



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